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Conflux Network

Recently Conflux announced that we have reached a strategic partnership with OKExchain to make it easier for global DeFi projects to enter Asia. In an effort to propel DeFi development and adoption on a global scale, the partnership will enable interoperability between Conflux and OKExChain, a set of open-source public chain projects developed by OKEx, via a token bridge for on-chain assets.

Autonio— $NIOX, a suite of liquidity and market-making tools, including a DEX and NIOX token.

QCAD— $QCAD, a CAD stablecoin, or a stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the Canadian dollar.

Mettalex— $MTLX, a decentralized commodities derivatives trading platform powered…

Jumpstarting Dapp development on Conflux

Join the Mini NFT Hackathon today for a chance to win up to 2000 $CFX and Conflux swag!

Conflux is excited to team up with Decentology to host a 2-week Mini NFT Hackathon, a friendly competition to help developers get started building NFT applications on Conflux. The hackathon will run from April 9 through April 25. Complete hackathon details can be found here!

To discuss ideas, get support from the Decentology team and/or find a teammate, make sure to join our Discord chat.

About the Mini NFT Hackathon

Back in March, we announced our workshop series with Decentology to showcase our integration with DappStarter, a…

Burning Unused Ecosystem Funds and the Locked Positions of the Founding Team

In order to show the teams’ commitment to building Conflux’s ecosystem, and our confidence about Conflux’s sustainable development, founding members, top scientists and core team, have newly locked 16,699,494 CFX on a voluntary basis. So far 125,414,575 CFX have been locked, all of which will be locked through Sept. 2021 or beyond.

Addresses of locked positions are as follows:














Based on a governance vote held on December 14, 2020, the ecosystem fund will only be utilized for the gas and storage fee sponsorship for 6 months following Conflux (Tethys) Mainnet launch—the remaining part has…

Members of our global community have reached out asking for clarification around the early CFX token unlock for investors, which took place on March 29, and resulted in market fluctuations.

Here, I want to offer a clarification of what took place and explain the reasons behind it.

  1. Unlocking in advance is a stipulated rule in the white paper. Starting from March 25th, some private equity investors have repeatedly applied to the Conflux Foundation for early unlocking. …

Hummingbot is bringing liquidity mining to the CFX Ecosystem

Total reward pool worth $10,000US. The campaign will start on **April 6, 2021 12:00 AM UTC**

Our partnership will mutually benefit both projects

We are partnering with Hummingbot because of their demonstrated leadership in the liquidity mining space. With Conflux’s strong presence in China, we are excited to introduce Hummingbot to our community in the Greater China region. In addition, this campaign will enable Conflux to gain broader recognition within the 11K trader-strong Hummingbot community across the globe. This initiative will also act as a catalyst for Conflux’s continued global expansion, placing the Conflux project in front of thousands of international traders.

To help introduce Conflux to…



[Public Blockchain]

  • Continued to refactor the storage related code part.
  • Completed the design of the new finality mechanism, and started to discuss the implementation plan.


  • JS-SDK added support to metamask, enabling metamask to sign an Conflux transaction.
  • JS-SDK added more TS type definition.
  • JS-SDK, Go-SDK added support for fullnode new RPC methods: trace_transaction, trace_filter, cfx_getEpochReceipts.
  • Python-SDK initial version development, includes transaction signing and rpc methods invoke.



  • Released version 0.6.0. Added API level support for base32 address.
  • Released version 0.6.1. Fixed bug that the wallet can’t connect to fullnode on Firefox with custom https everywhere setting enabled.


  • Added…

Eight emerging DeFi projects will have their tokens wrapped on Conflux to easily transfer between Conflux and OKExCHAIN

We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with OKEx to make it easier for global DeFi projects to enter Asia. In an effort to propel DeFi development and adoption on a global scale, the partnership will enable interoperability between Conflux and OKExChain, a set of open source public chain projects developed by OKEx, via a token bridge for on-chain assets.

While the DeFi market continues to grow at a rapid pace, regulatory nuances across different jurisdictions present challenges for projects looking…

We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Autonio to integrate enhanced liquidity solutions with Conflux Network.

Autonio will be porting NIOX Suite onto Conflux, enabling users (including developers, businesses and traders) to access to a number of intelligent trading tools and infrastructure, including:‍

Automated Trading Tool — NIOX Maker‍

As part of Autonio’s NIOX Suite porting to Conflux Network, we will add support for Moondex in NIOX Maker. Integration of NIOX Maker into Moondex will make it possible for users to deploy Market Making modules to boost liquidity and trading activity on Moondex.

Trading infrastructure — Smartdex, IMM

Autonio will deploy Smartdex infrastructure on Conflux Network to facilitate…

Thank you to our entire community for the tremendous support for our Grant Program. We have so many amazing and diverse projects in the pipeline.

What’s new with Wave 2?

Our grants program application process will now be managed in rolling waves. In this second wave, we are focused on submissions around the categories outlined below.


Tooling to support composable and interoperable cross chain data and assets.

  • Asset and arbitrary message bridges to other networks and protocols.
  • Oracle solutions for on and off-chain data.
  • Developer tools for developer onboarding, workflow, analysis, and query.
  • Identity solutions for wallets, KYC, and credential verification.
  • Security tools for audits…

Decentology’s DappStarter platform makes building DApps easy.

With DappStarter, developers can create custom full-stack decentralized applications with just a few clicks, complete with smart contracts, a front-end UI, unit tests, and a server-side API.

“Decentology’s mission is to onboard the first 10 million blockchain developers. Adding Conflux to the DappStarter platform enables us to make significant progress towards this goal. Now, thousands of developers worldwide, and especially in Asia, can use DappStarter to build any dapp they imagine on Conflux.”

- Nik Kalyani, Co-founder & CEO at Decentology

Our partnership with Decentology and integration with DappStarter will simplify the dev onboarding experience. …

Conflux Network

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