A look at how co-creation is paving the way for building the Internet-native, remote-first organizational structures that will be the future of work.

Written by Conflux Network’s Strategy Manager Karan Ambwani

One of the core premises that makes capitalism successful is aligning the incentives of an individual to that of the broader socio-economic system. An individual can have selfish intentions of making money by starting a business. However, this money is made by serving the customers with the products or services that will benefit them in general. With the scale and distribution of internet business, the balance is not always easy to maintain and the new data-driven incentive structures are not easy to keep up with as an individual.

In the internet era…

Conflux Founder Dr. Fan Long delivering the keynote at the Pujiang Blockchain Forum

Conflux was honored to host a summit on blockchain at the Pujiang Innovation Forum on June 2–3, 2021. The summit, featuring 15+ speakers and guests from several research institutions and government departments, focused on the use of real-world blockchain applications in various sectors, including the construction industry, engineering, and transportation. The summit featured speakers from various public institutions discussing the role of blockchain in the 14th Five-Year Plan, an outline of China’s economic and social development over the next several years

Founded in 2008, the Pujiang Innovation Forum is an annual event that features speakers and thought leaders from international…

Six months post-mainnet launch


  • More than 10 million transactions have been processed by the network since mainnet launch.
  • 220,000 unique wallet addresses actively holding CFX.
  • TVL has grown to $104 million.
  • Deployed more than 1,500 unique smart contracts.
  • ShuttleFlow has processed more than $164 million in cross-chain asset transfers.
  • More than 900 nodes across 26 countries.

May 2021 marks six months since the launch of the Conflux mainnet. During that time, Conflux has grown dynamically across a variety of verticals. …

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

The world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is expanding at breakneck speed. New ventures are flocking to the space as demand for new forms of private, secure investment grows. In April 2020, total value locked (TVL) in DeFi was $939 million. This has surged to $64.85 billion in the space of a year — an expansion of more than 6,000% in 12 months.

As DeFi becomes increasingly attractive to people and institutions across the investment landscape, it is also becoming more complex. With this in mind, the Conflux team has designed a unique protocol for decentralized transactions that promotes cross-border, multi-chain…

TL;DR: Conflux is a high-throughput blockchain network created by Turing Award recipient Dr. Andrew Yao. The network uses the Tree-Graph, a novel consensus mechanism that optimizes security and scalability without sacrificing decentralization. To support the growth of the ecosystem, Conflux uses a token, CFX, to provide several economic incentives. The unique token economics of CFX is designed to promote participation in the Conflux Network at every level, incentivizing behaviors that contribute to the optimal functionality of the ecosystem.

The Basics

On any decentralized blockchain network, data is stored and organized without the need for a trusted third party. This is possible because…

The result of the DAO vote on ‘Adjustment to Unlocking Conditions for Private Investors’ resulted in 96.50% of voters agreeing that the Foundation should not grant any investor request for unlocking their tokens ahead of schedule. Additionally, the voters advised that the investor lock-up period be extended.

The Foundation has since re-negotiated the lock-up period with investors, with the following outcome:

(1) The early unlocking conditions mentioned in the Conflux Economic Whitepaper are no longer in effect and will not be triggered in the future, regardless of circumstance.

(2) In the coming 4 months, beginning May 2021, the token release…

Understanding The Conflux Tree-Graph Consensus Algorithm


Conflux was born in the research lab of Turing Award recipient Dr. Andrew Yao, and is based on a novel Tree-Graph consensus mechanism that optimizes security, scalability and decentralization.The Tree-Graph architecture allows parallel processing of blocks and transactions, while eventually forming a final serial chain. This feature contrasts other well-known networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which process blocks strictly one-by-one, and is what gives Conflux its speed and scalability.

Blockchain’s Scalability Conundrum

Cryptocurrency networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been touted as the future of the financial system. However, as these networks have grown, one persistent problem has become increasingly clear: scalability.


ShuttleFlow is a unique multi-asset bridge built on Conflux, designed to facilitate dynamic progress in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

ShuttleFlow is not a simple one-to-one connector. It is a protocol for true interoperability intended to unleash the true potential of DeFi by removing the silos that keep existing projects, activities, developers and assets from interacting with one another.

Designed to support the accelerating momentum we have seen in DeFi over the past year, ShuttleFlow builds on innovations that have been developed across the space to offer a truly multi-chain architecture; assets flow across and between the many chains that…

Conflux Network

Blockchain without barriers.

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