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Before becoming a Token Captain, be sure to explore ShuttleFlow; and read through Using ShuttleFlow to convert between ETH and cETH 2

What is a Token Captain?

To support more cross-chain assets between Ethereum and Conflux, ShuttleFlow has launched the Token Captain initiative. Everyone can support any cross-chain tokens on Ethereum and Conflux by becoming a Token Captain, to reap the rewards of supporting their favorite token. However, there is only one Token Captain for each token, though new Token Captains can emerge to rule their favorite tokens.

How does it work?

A Token Captain needs to collateralize a portion of cETH, used to deduct the actual cost of their cross chain transaction. …

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A look back at all the highlights from 2020.

2020 was a difficult year for most of us across the globe. Despite this, we accomplished a lot as a community and as a team. As we head into 2021 with a renewed sense of purpose and excited for what lies ahead, we wanted to look back at some of the highlights from 2020.

Building Conflux

  • Github — We finished 699 pull requests and solved 324 questions, and our network went through 66 iterations including the testnets.
  • Our Economic White Paper — was published (link)
  • ConfluxScan — 3 upgrades of ConfluxScan took place last year: Contract registration and sponsor faucet functions were added, The search data input format and the DAG plan were optimized, and Token-related bug fixes were implemented. These included an adjustment to the former visual interaction design a series of data fields like block reward and contract admin were added, and the stability and response speed of ConfluxScan were improved. …

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We are happy to announce that Conflux Name Service (.cfx) is officially live!

Conflux Name Service is built by Trust Domains who is a blockchain domain supplier. Conflux Name Service domains are an ERC721 compliant non-fungable tokens. Domains are decentralized and users have full control over the domains and subdomains. The domains can be transferred by use the wallet which support NFTs like many other NFTs.

Different from traditional domain names, Conflux Name Service is built by using blockchain technology. They are completely decentralized and never expire. Once registered, the domain name will always belong to you. These domains can use human-readable names to replace the cryptocurrency addresses, content hashes, and so on.

At present, .cfx …

Conflux Network and Waves Enterprise Enter Partnership
Conflux Network and Waves Enterprise Enter Partnership

We are happy to announce that Waves Enterprise and Conflux Network have entered into a strategic partnership to help Waves Enterprise develop its ecosystem and concept of hybrid blockchain technologies in China and the Asia-Pacific region.

The parties intend to promote a hybrid approach to data transactions in private blockchain networks based on Waves Enterprise technologies. Anchoring is a hybrid data storage concept which involves the reference storage of data hashes from private networks in a public network without passing the actual data, enhancing data integrity and immutability. According to Gartner such hybrid interaction models ensure optimized convergence of private and public blockchains, where private transactions are validated by public chain consensus. …

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Summarizing Conflux Network’s latest progress and activities.

Technical Development

  • Conflux network upgrade to 1.1.0 block reward reduced to 2 CFX.
  • Java SDK support added to internal contracts.


  • Completed the integration test of token sponsor management in Shuttleflow.
  • Developed tools to help user fault operations in Shuttleflow.
  • Optimized fee strategy in DEX.
  • Released new version of sponsor faucet to support custom sponsorship.

Online Activity

  • Conflux Research Director Dr. Yang Guang was invited to participate in the online panel discussion on the topic “How Public Blockchains Breakthrough With Ethereum 2.0?” organized by Odaily.
  • Conflux Co-Founder Yuanjie was invited to an online AMA hosted by Huobi Wallet and introduced Conflux Network and the overall ecosystem development to the audience. …

Conflux ShuttleFlow Protocol has passed the PeckShield security audit.

Conflux ShuttleFlow protocol has officially passed the PeckShield security audit. ShuttleFlow combines the cross-chain asset operations process with transaction process operation in a DApp using a unique recipient address for multiple scenarios on Conflux. ShuttleFlow wraps the assets in a single click, saving the intermediate process of cross-chain asset migration for its users.

Conflux ShuttleFlow process
Conflux ShuttleFlow process

The PeckShield audit report took a look at the ShuttleFlow protocol and smart contract source code, etc., and it explained the methods to evaluate possible security problems in the smart contract implementation. …

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Written by Conflux Network’s DeFi Analyst Sami Tannir

After a hectic summer for DeFi, we have seen the ecosystem expand from simple money legos working together to full-blown cross-chain yield aggregating money markets, originating from the craze of yield farming in June. Yield-farming, when done right, brings optimized utilization of liquidity locked into different protocols. This is done to achieve the highest return possible, while also getting users to acquire a token without going through the traditional route of exchange listings, or even purchasing the token.

As the craze for 5-figure APY rates cools down, the market has returned to a sense of assuredness. Looking at the daily transaction volume compared to the daily liquidity in Uniswap, we can analyze the liquidity utilization rate of the assets deposited in the exchange by liquidity providers. Figure 1 shows the progression of liquidity deposited that users are truly earning interest (transaction fees) on when assets are locked into an AMM exchange such as Uniswap. …


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