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Over $10k worth of prizes; Co-sponsored by Aave & Chainlink

  • Hacking Decentralized Commerce will take place online from November 2nd — November 22nd.
  • Teams and individuals can sign-up on Gitcoin starting today!
  • $10K+ in Conflux tokens and additional bounties from our Hackathon partners

To celebrate our Mainnet launch on October 29th, we are super excited to announce our first virtual hackathon, Hacking Decentralized Commerce, in collaboration with Gitcoin!

Conflux Network is developing the technology to build the future of commerce which is more collaborative, equitable and decentralized! …

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FanCoin (FC) is the official pre-mainnet token of Conflux Network, led and issued by the Conflux Foundation. The Conflux Foundation utilized the FC token to fully mobilize the power of the community as well as provide early-access experiences for Conflux products. With our mainnet set for launch on October 29th, the FC coin will officially be converted to Conflux Token (CFX), the official native token of Conflux Network. There will be no public sale for CFX, the only way to acquire the token on launch day would be through converting your FC tokens from pre-mainnet transactions, or mining.

Since the beginning, FC has been functioning as an important carrier of the Conflux community consensus, embracing the efforts and contributions of core community members at the early stage. FC represents the hard work of community members, which the Conflux Foundation respects sincerely. Therefore, the Conflux Foundation has decided that it will never actively burn FC. After our Mainnet is launched on October 29th, community contribution rewards (such as AMAs, airdrops, bounties) will still be issued in the form of FC until the total circulating supply of FC reaches 21 million (hats off to Bitcoin). …

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Written by Conflux Network’s Geoff Le Fevre

With the increasing proliferation of digital content online being put on-chain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are beginning to capture the attention and resources of some quickly growing communities, unlocking new opportunities and value for their members. As an emerging asset class that represents “intellectual property rights to digital assets” NFTs are not just challenging traditional intellectual property based business models, but enabling new bottom-up business models for long tail digital assets.

Despite the recent hype, NFT adoption is still far from mainstream. Volumes and community interest are on the rise but if you compare unique wallet addresses the size of the community is still very small. In September 2020 only ~1K unique wallets were interacting with these protocols when daily volume peaked at $1.5MM — far lower than when CryptoKitties volume peaked in December 2017 at ~6K unique addresses. With sales of crypto art just a fraction of the traditional art market valued at $65B, NFTs are still very much on the fringe. However, just looking at daily sales volumes and unique wallet addresses, the true potential of NFTs is missed. The fact that NFTs are enabling liquid markets at the fringe is a very big deal and signals their true power. …


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