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Bi-Weekly Progress Report: June 22— July 5, 2020

Summarizing our latest progress and activities at Conflux Network.

  • The first version of Conflux Truffle is published and is currently under internal testing by the DEX protocol and other DApp projects.
  • Refactoring of ConfluxScan has finished; some bugs have been fixed and token features are now better supported.
  • ConfluxPortal released v0.2.4, support cfx_signTypedData_v4, change cfx_sign logic back.
  • The new assets COMP, KNC, DF have been mapped onto Conflux chain by the Cross-Chain Alliance.
  • The ShuttleFlow Protocol added Multi-Scenarios receiving addresses and the function was completed.
  • Bulk upload features were completed.
  • The cost optimization solution of the DEX protocol was under testing.
  • LISSX and Conflux Network Partnership Announced: Conflux Network has partnered with an operational exchange platform for the trading of life insurance policies, to enhance the speed, security and scalability of policy transactions within the LISSX ecosystem.
  • Our Global Managing Director, Eden, was interviewed for the Layer1 Podcast where he discussed building Web2.5 with Conflux Network and exploring China’s role in crypto.
  • Conflux Network has released a new DeFi webinar livestream about “Perpetual Contracts in DeFi” with McDEX Founder Liu Jie as this session’s guest.
  • Conflux Community Ambassador Chao Kan participated on behalf of Conflux Network at the roadshow in Jing Nan hosted by LBank and Jinse Finance on July 4th. Chao Kan was one of the 14 leading participants during the previous Conflux Pioneers Initiative in China.
  • The ongoing Conflux Pioneers Initiative in South Korea has resulted in 154 community-written articles about Conflux Network across South Korean media platforms and a total of 4,759 Conflux Network related promotions on various blockchain-related media and social media platforms since April. The promotions range from sharing daily blockchain news curated by Conflux Network, latest articles by Conflux Network or community-written articles in blockchain and crypto communities or blogs across South Korea.
  • ConfluxScan v1.0.2 requirements were reviewed.
  • ConfluxScan’s UI design system reviewed.
  • Bounty fixed some bugs.

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