Bi-Weekly Progress Report: September 14–27 , 2020

Summarizing Conflux Network’s latest progress and activities.

Technical Development

  • Added Java-SDK websocket pub/sub support, internal contracts.
  • Tx Receipt RPC will return error message if tx failed.
  • CIP22: Added internal Contract query methods.
  • CIP23: Definition for personal_sign, sign_message, sign_typedData.

DEX Ecosystem

  • Published decentralized tool to add cross-chain ERC20 assets in ShuttleFlow and helped MoonSwap to migrate assets to Conflux.
  • Decoupled Matchflow and ShuttleFlow; upgrade to MatchFlow independently.

Global Office

  • Conflux Network has launched Open DeFi, an initiative which will bridge Western, Asian DeFi ecosystem and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. Open DeFi’s members include powerhouse venture capital firms Sequoia Capital, Blockpower Capital, and DeFi protocol dForce.
  • Conflux Network has partnered with global strategy and management consulting firm the BCW Group. Conflux will also be integrating with the BCW platform to provide native staking of our $CFX token in the near future.
  • Conflux hosted an AMA in our official Telegram channel with Mr. Moon, the founder of MoonSwap. Over 1,500 community members were online for the AMA.
  • Our Founder Fan Long did an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph to discuss the launch of the Tree Graph Research Institute in Shanghai and our Open DeFi Initiative acting as a global #DeFi bridge between Asia and the West.
  • The Global Office hosted our third virtual meetup on Lending and Liquidity in Crypto with guests, MCDEX Co-Founder Jean Miao and Alkemi’s Chief Strategy Officer Brian Mahoney. Watch the replay here.

Offline Activity

  • Conflux hosted the Second Confi Cup Texas Hold’em Competition with Odaily.

Online Activity

  • Conflux Oceanus GPU Mining Testing was officially launched. The highest number of online GPU mining nodes at the same time reached 500. The number of trustnodes exceeded 840.
  • Dr. Yang Guang, Conflux Research Director, attended the Fifth Shanghai Advanced Tech Seminar themed “Combination of Capital and Power — Progress of Cross-chain Asset and DAO” and gave a speech on the seamless flow of cross-chain assets.
  • Conflux Network released a new DeFi webinar livestream, Findora crypto engineer Alex gave a speech on the topic “To Bring Financial Freedom to 6 Billion People; How Will Findora and Conflux Do?”
  • Conflux UMA EDU Initiative — Dubhe was officially launched. 127 global students from 25 different Universities formed a total of 32 teams to participate. In the upcoming two months, they will learn basic blockchain knowledge, Solidity smart contract development, and finally, develop their own DApp projects on top of Conflux Network.
  • Conflux Network partnered with one of the biggest Crypto exchanges in Africa, Quidax and 352ng, a sports media outlet, to run an FPL tournament and reward people for their passion using cryptocurrencies. The league currently has 1,196 people participating around Africa.
  • Conflux Korea and HubDAO Korea organized cross-AMA sessions in the respective communities over the last two weeks, with a total participant number of 300+ community members.

Community Product

  • ConfluxScan fixed some bugs.
  • ConfluxPortal v0.3.11 was released. Added address prompt and address validity verification; optimized the display of sponsor information on the transaction confirmation page.

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Conflux Network

Conflux Network


Conflux is a PoW + PoS hybrid first layer consensus blockchain for dApps that require speed at scale, without sacrificing decentralization.