Conflux Bi-Weekly Update (11–24/6/19)

It’s time for an update! The team’s been hard at work with getting the main testnet ready and sharing their knowledge with various communities.

First things first,

we were mentioned by Facebook’s Libra white paper…and they got something wrong. Read our article on Medium to find out more.

And then, we’ve got some:

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Photo by Arif Riyanto on Unsplash. This screen doesn’t actually reflect our team members’ screens.

Technical developments

from the tech team (who’s sort of grateful to have a solid excuse not to be under 35 °C sun out there):

  • Implemented a new transaction packing policy.
  • Designed the check-point policy.
  • Optimized the implementation of the consensus mechanism. Now the consensus graph can process tens of blocks per second.
  • Implemented the confirming policy on Tree-Graph.
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Fan Long (actually) giving a talk for Y-Talk’s event on 20th July

Keynote speeches

from various parts of the office:

  • (20/6) Conflux’s Co-Founder Long Fan gave a talk at Y-Talk’s “Next Generation Public Chain” event on “How to Optimize Throughput and Confirmation Delay in PoW-based Public Chains
  • (21/6) Research Director Dr. Yang Guang participated in ViaBTC’s 2019 roadshow in Beijing and shared his perspective on “Why Blockchain Should Choose PoW: Advantages of PoW Mechanism Over PoS
  • (21/6) Technical Business Director Shang Shu was at New Economy: Finance BTB International M&A Strategy kick-off meeting and spoke about “The Blockchain Trilemma
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During the speech, Shang Shu reminded the audience that with the rise of decentralized finance, blockchain should not sacrifice security and decentralization in order to support more functions and assets. Conflux as a Layer 1 solution uses a novel Tree Graph structure to improve efficiency and throughput without compromising security — hence breaking the blockchain trilemma.

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Paxful’s event in Shenzhen on 22nd of July

Offline salons

in China and Vietnam:

  • (14/6) Research Director Dr. Yang Guang attended the Polkadot China Tour event hosted by Huobi Labs and participated in the roundtable discussion.
  • (15–16/6) COO Zhang Yuanjie participated in OKEx’s “OKEx COOPERATION SUMMIT 2019” event in Vietnam.
  • (15/6) We hosted our first mining workshop.
  • (22/6) COO Zhang Yuanjie shared his keynote speech: “Establishing a Decentralized Autonomous Organization on Conflux to Reconstruct Cross-Border Remittances” and shared his views about Libra during the discussion with fellow industry experts at Paxful’s event in Shenzhen, “The Hidden Value: Future Finance and Economy of Blockchain.”

Got a question or comment about our tech / applications / developments? Feel free to send us a message on our Telegram group. We’d love to hear from you.

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Conflux, where valuable bits are exchanged and validated.

Find out more about Conflux’s State-of-the-Art technology here and our paper here.




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