Conflux Community Ambassador Meeting and Rewards

Conflux Celebrates Third Quarter Ambassador Meeting

On November 2nd, over 30 Conflux Community Ambassadors from around the world gathered at Conflux’s Beijing office to hold the third quarter meeting for our Conflux Community Ambassador program. Our first ever offline Community Ambassador event!

Conflux Beijing Office

Who’s Involved?

The Conflux Ambassador Community is not only made up of developers, but members from many domains, such as investors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, government workers, headhunters, media, and third-party community operators. Our newest members include: Huang Xiao, Xing Kong, Chen Shanshan, and Luo Tao. And our original members include: Jiang Wei, Justin, Luo Wei, Qiang Shiqi, Zhang Yihao, Victor Ji, Zhang Wei, Diao Xiaoli, Cha Jiayu, and Wang Hui.

Bringing our Community Together

At the event, Dr. Long Fan, founder of Conflux, began the event by introducing Conflux’s project development, third quarter progress, and future plans. It was a special opportunity for the Conflux community members to come together and discuss current challenges and solutions for on-going development. During the event, members of the community were recognized for their contribution to the Conflux project. Members such as Justin, who provided his technical expertise to improve the Conflux Blockchain Mainnet, or Invester Wang Hui, who assisted Conflux with applying for software copyrights and patents. Outside of our Ambassadors, we also have our community that is actively involved in Conflux’s Bounty program to help spread awareness and grow our social communities.

Fan Coin Rewards

As a way of incentivizing active contributors and bounty participants, we have Fans Coin (FC), which is a smart contract used for the Conflux Blockchain Testnet, allowing Conflux to reward our community for their great efforts. Depicted below, members like Holybasil and Liu Liner received thousands in FC rewards by contributing to our bounty program and boosting awareness of the Conflux project. FC guarantees a future 1:1 conversion ratio against CFX, the official cryptocurrency for the upcoming Conflux Blockchain Mainnet.

Bounty Program Rewards

Ambassador Rewards

For our Ambassador event, the prize pool totaled at $20,000 and was distributed to 13 community representatives who made significant contributions to Conflux in Q3.

In Q3 the largest reward went to Justin Pan for $8,800, the second largest went to Haiwai for $3,114, and the third largest went to Wang Hui for $1,548. In Q3 (August — September), the Conflux Bounty platform issued a total of 43,001 FC.

Of our members, the most active has been Haiwai. During Q3 alone, Haiwai was the most active contributor with over 12,000 messages in the Chinese Ambassador channel. Haiwai has consistently devoted a tremendous amount of time to the project, finding technical bugs and sharing his knowledge of Conflux, and we greatly appreciate his help as a core community member.

Haiwai: One of Conflux’s core community members

Mr. Wang, a staff member of the Conflux Foundation, stated: “Haiwai has actively introduced and spread knowledge on Conflux to our new community partners, has made major contributions in our WeChat group channel, and has sparked conversation throughout the community.”

Haiwai has joined and maintained around 40 of Conflux’s Communities, covering over 8,000 people. As the Conflux Testnet progresses forward, Haiwai is actively involved in Testnet mining, has been a huge contributor to guiding community members on Testnet mining, answering questions from community members regarding the mining process, and has tested and provided network feedback issues to the Conflux technical team. After the bounty system was launched, Haiwai actively guided community members to participate in the bounty, answer questions, distribute invitation codes, provide feedback on bugs, and write content for Conflux.

Haiwei is the true embodiment of a leader in the progression of decentralized community autonomy. In response, Haiwai thanked the Conflux team for their trust in him and is happy to be a part of the journey of bringing blockchain to the world.

Post Community Meeting Dinner

After the meeting, all the members of the meeting went and shared hot pot together at Huairou in the suburbs of Beijing.

Jenny, a community member from Singapore, said: “As someone working in the media space, I have seen a lot of projects, but it is really rare to find a community like Conflux, which is so low-key and down-to-earth.”

With the help of our community, Conflux has become so much more than just a blockchain project, but a community with a common goal of bringing trust into the hands of everyone.

Join the Revolution:

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