Our Long Awaited Hard Fork Hydra is Almost Here!

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2 min readFeb 8, 2022


But why Hydra?

In the next few weeks, Conflux will release its Hydra hard fork, a long-awaited update for the network. Benefits of our hard fork are reflected in this multi-headed, powerful, mythological creature with a half-snaked body covered in shiny scales. According to a myth, if Hydra’s head is chopped off, she will become even stronger, because two heads will grow in its place. It symbolizes immortality, power and strength. Such high level of defense from attacks was the reason Hydra became the basis for the name.

Just as Hydra has multi-heads, Hydra hard fork will introduce multi features for Conflux: A Proof-of-Stake finality chain and eSpace which is an EVM smart contract execution environment [CIP-43 and CIP-90]. The Proof-of-Stake finality chain will work alongside the main Proof-of-Work chain just like mythological Hydra’s heads function alongside each other in one organism. The Finality Chain will also significantly increase the security of the network and protect it against 51% attacks, which have been successfully carried out against other PoW networks.

With CIP-90, Conflux will introduce a fully-compatible EVM smart contract execution environment. This will allow developers to deploy and execute EVM-compatible smart contracts without any additional change. It will also enable developers to use existing tools from the Ethereum ecosystem, such as libraries (web3.js, ether.js, etc.), wallets (MetaMask, hardware wallets, etc.), and other developer tools (such as Remix, Hardhat, etc.).

To learn more about the Hydra fork, see the following resources:

🎉 Hydra Meme Contest 🎉

To celebrate this upcoming long-waited update we are launching Hydra Meme Contest for our community. Let’s have some fun and welcome our Hydra with the best memes!

The contest will begin Tuesday February 8th at 12:00 UTC and ends on Monday February 14th at 12:00 UTC

  • Winners will be chosen based on community feedback and votes from the Conflux Global Team.
  • 10 memes will be selected with a prize of 25USD in $CFX

The rules are simple:

  • Tweet your Hydra meme.
  • Make sure to tag @Conflux_Network
  • Add #CFXHydra
  • Don’t forget to submit your tweet link in our Hydra meme TG group https://t.me/confluxhydra
  • Be creative and have fun!

Please stay tuned to our official channels for the release date of our hard fork! ⤵️



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