Conflux’s One-Year Anniversary — Looking back and ahead

Conflux project officially commenced one-year ago today as the first public blockchain system that can achieve high TPS on a single chain without sacrificing decentralization or security. Due to this remarkable feat, which was years in the making, the team and the community have helped us build Conflux into one of the most vibrant ecosystems. It’s time to look back at the highlights in the technical development, community management, partnerships, events and team building we’ve accomplished. In 2019, we will definitely achieve more — to launch our Mainnet and provide more Dapps on the blockchain.

Development status…

Conflux makes bandwidth the only bottleneck for scalability based on its novel algorithm. In other words, the consensus algorithm is no longer the bottleneck as it relates to scalability, and thereby can support all applications on the blockchain under the current Internet and bandwidth restrictions.

To achieve this, unlike other scalability solutions including DPoS and a hybrid consensus, the Conflux consensus algorithm is based entirely on the purest form of a Nakamoto Consensus, so our Proof of Work consensus is fully decentralized and permissionless without any hierarchy. But to achieve a high throughput, and avoid the pitfalls of BTC and ETH, Conflux uses a Tree Graph (TG) directed acyclic graph structure, which does not discard but rather incorporates these forks into the consensus.

Finally, Conflux has invented a self-adjusting consensus algorithm, called the Greedy Heaviest Adaptive SubTree (GHAST), which adjusts the difficulty of mining based on where the hash power is distributed in real-time — whether on the main chain or pivot chains — so that it encourages network participants to converge and establish consensus.

Community update…

Over the past year, our community has grown tremendously, and we can’t thank you enough for the support.

We believe it is vital to have a healthy community to complement the foundation to ensure the long-term strength of the Conflux ecosystem. The main focus is a restructuring of our offline activities like meetups and conferences. Based on our experience, these events have provided us with invaluable opportunities to engage with users, although, they aren’t very scalable. We firmly believe in involving the team in community activities. Therefore, we are aiming to arrange meetups hosted by members of the team. Members of the team will present topics ranging from the most basic blockchain architecture to more technically challenging Conflux specific functionalities.

In addition, we further aim to incentivize users of the community to spread the word about Conflux, increase our general awareness, and encourage new users of the ecosystem to participate in community activities.

Our recent marketing strategy has a broader scope outside of Asia and moves beyond our over-technical copy so that we can introduce our technology to developers and newer enthusiasts by inviting them into an information funnel where they can progressively learn. This is why we are working on several new initiatives to expand the Conflux community further.

Moving forward with our partners…

Conflux X Celer: The partnership started off from an initial integration of Celer Network’s generalized state channel functionality with Conflux’s blockchain protocol. As both parties get a deeper understanding of technology stack of each other, Celer and Conflux plan to jointly provide a development kit in the near future, enabling developers to easily build dApps on Conflux with Celer’s off-chain potential.

Conflux X Top Network: The two parties will cooperate in the areas of R&D and community development, while promoting the mutual integration of each other’s products and services. In the future, Conflux will offer its public blockchain platform for users by the TOP Network community, while TOP will offer its full-stack cloud communications services to the Conflux community. Conflux will also gain access to TOP Network’s massive pre-existing user base of 60 million.

Conflux X TEEX: The partnership started off from an initial integration of TEEX’s trusted oracle with Conflux’s underlying blockchain system, with details such as design patterns and technical integration to be settled upon final research and discussion of both parties.

As both parties get a deeper understanding of technology stack of each other, TEEX and Conflux plan to jointly establish a fundamental network that supports high-performance and general-purpose privacy-preserving computing.

Conflux X Oath Protocol: Oath and Conflux are committed to developing a high-performance public-chain infrastructure that is fully functional across business applications with a fair and decentralized community governance model. Oath will implement its crowd-sourced decision-making protocol on Conflux in order to improve, secure and decentralize the entire ecosystem whilst jointly exploring further tech-solutions for the Oath platform.

Our roadmap looking forward…

Conflux is a high throughput first layer consensus blockchain for dApps that require speed at scale, without sacrificing decentralization