July Progress Report — Conflux Network

Monthly Progress Report — July 2021

Public Chain

  • Finished the implementation of PoS-related internal contracts.
  • Finished the integration of PoS and PoW and passed all previous tests.
  • Implemented some utilities needed for PoS testing and added new tests for PoS.
  • Added support for block number and epoch number at both the RPC and internal contract layers.


  • Released Golang cli tool cfxabigen, added generate Go contract interaction code support.
  • Developed initial version of RPC-bridge service which can bridge most ethereum core RPC methods.
  • Released js-sdk 1.6.10 which includes a cli tool cfxjs, currently can be used to find a conflux ethereum compatible account.


  • Fixed a bug that crashes frontend after deleting an authed account.


  • Added support to verify the contract.
  • Added support for holders list for CRC1155 contracts.
  • Unified the address format on Scan.
  • Integrated Binance and MoonSwap for token prices.
  • Optimized 31 UI items.


  • Released v1.0.0 on testnet.
  • Added JSON RPC access support via WebSocket.
  • Established Infura dashboard via metrics.
  • Researched the data sync consistency problem of fullnode.
  • Developed the pub/sub function.
  • Conflux will be integrated into the Lead Wallet mainnet application. Lead wallet is removing the complexity of multiple wallets and UX, with a single product for trading, staking and all crypto related activities.
  • Co-Founder Yuanjie was invited to attend NFT Digital Art Sharing Session, which was co-hosted by Conflux, cocafe and Feral File. Yuanjie shared his views centering around The Vision For Digital Art Market.
  • Dr. Yang Guang was invited to attend the Chain·Forum for Talents in the New Era, the first of a series called Blockchain Security and Innovation Forum co-hosted by caijing·lianxin and caijingEfa, and gave a speech themed on Blockchain Navigates Digital Economy.
  • Cike from our Ecosystem team in China was invited to attend 8btc.com’s 2021 World Blockchain Conference HangZhou and engaged in a roundtable discussion centered on Public Chain Dividends: A New Cycle of Competition of Underlying Protocol’s Ecosystem.
  • Conflux hosted our first in-person meetup in Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • Senior PM George was invited to attend a Friends event hosted by lieyuncj.com and led a discussion under the theme of Fragmented NFT: DeFi Empowers NFT Market.
  • On July 3, the Northeast University (Qinhuangdao campus) station of Conflux BeiDou Initiative’s campus tour was successfully held. The staff of our Shanghai marketing department delivered a speech on “high performance public chain”.
  • Beidou Initiative 2 — Merak was officially launched in China. 7 courses have been launched and 4 online seminars have been held to date.
  • 9 teams have enrolled in the second Conflux Novel Awards.
  • 32 teams in China are competing in the “Reach on Conflux” Hackathon
  • China’s PR head Liu Chang, hosted Face to Face Video with Li Ruihan, Ge Lei of Creator Alliance and Wang Tao of ART101 live on bihu.com with more than 8,000 people watching. They discussed Conflux’s 3rd Anniversary: After Three Come All Things.
  • The NFT collecting event to celebrate Conflux’s 3rd anniversary, co-launched with ART101, was a success with 5 pieces of art included into the Happy 3rd Anniversary NFT collection.
  • Conflux’s 3rd anniversary celebration video was released and over 23,000 people have viewed the video across different social platforms including WeChat.
  • Camilla and Alex who lead our Global and LATAM community efforts held our first ever Ambassadors call with our English and Spanish speaking communities.
  • Conflux hosted AMAs with KAKA NFT World and Phantom Protocol in our English speaking Telegram channels.



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Conflux Network

Conflux Network


Conflux is a PoW + PoS hybrid first layer consensus blockchain for dApps that require speed at scale, without sacrificing decentralization.