Revolutionizing Bitcoin L2 Development: Conflux’s Strategic Roadmap

Join us as we explore the implications for miners, users, and developers, unlocking enhanced flexibility, security, and efficiency.

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4 min readJan 30, 2024

Discover the transformative power of Conflux as we integrate Bitcoin (BTC) into our ecosystem. This strategic shift redefines asset utilization and transactional dynamics on the Conflux blockchain. Join us as we explore the implications for miners, users, and developers, unlocking enhanced flexibility, security, and efficiency.

Bitcoin as the Gas Token in the new BTC L2 Space

In an innovative move, our network will incorporate Bitcoin as the gas token of the new BTC L2 space. This integration represents a significant shift in the blockchain’s operational dynamics, where BTC will calculate and pay for transaction fees within the Conflux network. This decision not only connects the two major cryptocurrencies but also harnesses Bitcoin’s widespread acceptance and stability to improve the transactional efficiency of Conflux’s network.

Transaction Fees in BTC; Boosting Miners Incentives

One notable feature of this new system is that miners on the Conflux network can receive transaction fees in BTC. This flexible approach caters to the preferences of miners, potentially attracting a broader mining community due to the universal appeal and value stability of Bitcoin. Additionally, it simplifies the reward structure for miners who prefer to deal directly in BTC, eliminating the need for additional steps of token conversion and enhancing the overall attractiveness of mining on the Conflux network.

CFX as an ERC20 Token

On Conflux, you can experience seamless transactions and communication across diverse blockchains with our renowned native interoperability. Currently, our network consists of two spaces:

🚀 Core Space: High-throughput, cost-effective operations. Learn more at:

🌌 eSpace: Ideal for Ethereum-based applications. Discover more at:

Our core architecture seamlessly integrates these spaces, enabling effortless asset and data transfers between multiple blockchains, with no third-party involvement needed. You can witness this amazing feature in action with the CrossSpaceCall Internal Contract.

Both Core Space and eSpace utilize CFX for gas fees. However, when bridged to the new BTC L2 Space, CFX will transition into an ERC20 token, as BTC will be utilized to cover transaction fees. As an ERC20 token, CFX can effortlessly interact with a diverse range of decentralized applications (dApps) and services within the new BTC L2 space, expanding its utility and accessibility.

BTC Staking on Conflux

Conflux has excitingly introduced BTC staking as part of its consensus mechanism, strategically aligning the network with the Bitcoin ecosystem. In this system, BTC holders actively stake their assets to participate in the network’s consensus process. This integration not only expands the staking options available on Conflux but also harnesses the widespread adoption and value stability of Bitcoin to bolster network security and encourage participation.

Positive Impacts of BTC Staking

The introduction of BTC staking brings several positive impacts:

  • Strengthened Network Security: By allowing BTC staking, Conflux enhances its network security. The diversified stake base reduces the risk of centralization and potential attacks.
  • Increased Participation and Incentives: BTC’s popularity and value proposition encourage broader participation in the Conflux network, offering BTC holders new opportunities for asset utilization.
  • Interoperability and Market Positioning: This move positions Conflux as a bridge between the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems, enhancing its appeal to users and developers from both communities.

Our Roadmap for L2 Development

Conflux’s roadmap for Bitcoin Layer 2 development revolves around key milestones and objectives:

  • Short-Term Goals: Initially, our focus is on establishing robust BTC staking mechanisms and integrating fundamental functionalities of Bitcoin protocols such as Ordinals and Inscription.
  • Mid-Term Objectives: Our mid-term strategy involves enhancing the network’s capabilities to support even more sophisticated interactions with the Bitcoin blockchain, including advanced smart contract functionalities and improved asset bridging.
  • Long-Term Vision: In the long term, we aim to establish a fully interoperable ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with multiple blockchain networks, fostering a diverse and efficient decentralized landscape.


Conflux’s groundbreaking execution layer revamp, powered by BTC and seamless integration with the Bitcoin network, propels us into a new era of blockchain innovation. Get ready for a highly interconnected, secure, and efficient digital asset world. This pioneering approach redefines the user and developer experience, reshaping the blockchain landscape and unlocking endless possibilities. Join us on this exciting journey as we mark a new chapter in the evolution of decentralized technology.

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