TEEX x Conflux: Leveraging Trusted Computing to Construct Privacy-preserved and Scalable Infrastructure of Public Blockchain

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TEEX, a secure distributed computing platform with a layer-2 solution, today announces the strategic partnership with Conflux, the next generation blockchain protocol that optimistically process concurrent blocks without discarding any as forks.

Conflux is the first and only Proof of Work (PoW) and Tree Graph (TG) -structured public chain system that realizes a high transactions per second number, or TPS number (3000–6000TPS under real-time network testing without sacrificing decentralization). Combining TEEX’s privacy-reserved layer-2 solution and Conflux’s novel layer-1 system, the partnership aims to provide a more confidential, secure and scalable infrastructure for current blockchain, and further promote the adoption of blockchain in the real world by a trusted oracle.

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