TEEX x Conflux: Leveraging Trusted Computing to Construct Privacy-preserved and Scalable Infrastructure of Public Blockchain

TEEX, a secure distributed computing platform with a layer-2 solution, today announces the strategic partnership with Conflux, the next generation blockchain protocol that optimistically process concurrent blocks without discarding any as forks.

Conflux is the first and only Proof of Work (PoW) and Tree Graph (TG) -structured public chain system that realizes a high transactions per second number, or TPS number (3000–6000TPS under real-time network testing without sacrificing decentralization). Combining TEEX’s privacy-reserved layer-2 solution and Conflux’s novel layer-1 system, the partnership aims to provide a more confidential, secure and scalable infrastructure for current blockchain, and further promote the adoption of blockchain in the real world by a trusted oracle.

With solid technical team background, Conflux mission is to create the next generation of distributed systems. Core team consists of an array of top-grade scientists, led by Co-founder Dr. Fan Long, an MIT Ph.D. holder & ACM SIGSOFT Award winner, and Chief Scientist and Turing Award Winner Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao. The team believes the value of truly decentralized blockchain system is phenomenal, which could be the next generation revolution. Therefore, Conflux will encourage the incentive programme for developers to break through on mass adoption of blockchain. Conflux has launched Testnet two months ago, and community activity plan is now undergoing.

Blockchain as a revolutionary technology attempts to solve the high-level problem beyond simple communication between peer to peer. Because people intend to reach a consensus or to meet the same target by communication. However, the key technical bottlenecks for public chain are from two sector. On the one hand, one bottleneck is that how to ensure the external data can be recorded into a decentralized blockchain protocol in an aligned orderly and automatically way. Generally speaking, it is a decentralized blockchain oracle. On the other hand, the performance of blockchain protocol is essential to verify the data’s authenticity within low cost. Currently, it could be an effective technical solution to tackle the bottlenecks by combining a secure distributed computing platform with a highly decentralized and high-performance public chain

As a leading secure distributed computing platform, TEEX aims to establish a decentralized, flexible and easy-to-use computing resource sharing platform and complete ecosystem for users, computing power providers and service providers. TEEX uses a verifiable computing strategy based on Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to ensure the privacy of data flow and control flow during runtime, while providing performance and compatibility comparable to a central computing platform. TEEX are engaged in deep collaborations with partners in areas including artificial intelligence, big data computing, biomedicine and other fields.

TEEX and Conflux share the same vision with respect to privacy and trusted-computing technology of blockchain. Both parties have been in constant discussion on technical integration, providing users with a blockchain system that offers for a secure, convenient and privacy-preserved infrastructure and ecosystem.

Dr. Fan Long, Co-founder of Conflux says, “A blockchain protocol cannot sacrifice the decentralization and security for high performance, meanwhile it is a revolutionary technology for future data distribution scenarios which is beyond the internet. TEEX aims to ensure the privacy of data flow and control flow during runtime, while providing performance and compatibility comparable to a central computing platform. We believe the cooperation between TEEX and Conflux could take a further step on blockchain technical implementation and to realize the revolution of future information distribution.”

Dr. Yang Yu, Co-founder of TEEX says, “TEEX and Conflux have teamed up on blockchain privacy to augment Conflux underlying technology with TEEX security enhancement solutions, in order to guarantee data privacy as well as secure key management for users and developers. TEEX is excited to partner with Conflux team who share our vision and technical insights. We are impressed by the team’s strong technical and academic background, as well as their contribution in blockchain algorithms and systems. We believe TEEX + Conflux will further construct a solid foundation for the real landing of blockchain with the real world.”

The partnership will start off from an initial integration of TEEX’s trusted oracle with Conflux’s underlying blockchain system, with details such as design pattern and technical integration to be settled upon final research and discussion of both parties.

As both parties get a deeper understanding of technology stack of each other, TEEX and Conflux plan to jointly establish a fundamental network that supports high-performance and general-purpose privacy-preserving computing. Meanwhile, both parties will continue to educate the global community by co-hosting educational events and posting videos on the need for a privacy-preserved blockchain, its technology, design pattern, and usage pattern.



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