Unveiling China’s NFT Landscape on Conflux — Part 4!

Bridging Art, Fashion, and Lifestyle by utilizing NFTs on Conflux, unlocking new horizons.

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5 min readNov 8, 2023

In our fourth series, we continue to explore how NFTs are changing things in China. We have four new stories about NFTs minted on Conflux and how they’re used in different ways. From the popular “ConFi’s Friends” NFTs to the MEI PROJECT sneakers that combine old designs with new technology, these examples show how NFTs are more than just online pictures — they’re a new way to do business and share art. All of this is happening on our Conflux blockchain.

ConFi’s Friends

“ConFi’s Friends,” the first AI-generated NFT avatar series by Taopai, was minted on Conflux and saw immense popularity, with two phases selling out immediately. The first phase introduced 10,000 avatars, followed by a special edition of 2,000 by Chinese designer Zhang Chi.

In 2022, “ConFi’s Friends” partnered with French designer brand PetitBari to release a co-branded hoodie at Shanghai Fashion Week SS2023, demonstrating the innovative blend of virtual designs with tangible fashion through a “Customer to Manufacture” approach, driven by community consensus.

The release of the co-branded hoodie turned the “ConFi’s Friends” NFT holders into an active part of the creation and distribution process. By leveraging the community’s input through copyright contributions and design votes, the initiative empowered NFT owners to have a say in the collaborative pieces.

During the sales phase, the entire “ConFi’s Friends” community served as sales channels, earning commissions via a zero-inventory strategy. This approach also transformed the community into an active sales network, successfully distributing over 10,000 hoodies in just two months through a distribution rebate model, showing the strength of social marketing within the Web3 NFT community.

Four Seasons in Harmony

ART021 Shanghai art fair, known for its “Four Seasons in Harmony” theme, celebrated its 10th edition from November 10 to 13, 2022, at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

This prestigious event brought together contemporary artists from around the globe, featuring 134 leading galleries from 36 cities across 19 countries.

In a celebration of art merging with technology, collectors who invested in new media videos and physical artworks at ART021 were gifted with complimentary NFTs of the same artworks.

The event also held special rewards; the top NFT spender received an exclusive CHA LING co-branded fragrance, and the first 50 NFT purchasers were each honored with a custom fan, reflecting the fair’s theme.


GARNiDELiA is a renowned band formed by singer MARiA and composer Toku, has made a lasting impact on the music scene.

Their hit music video “極楽浄土” captivated audiences worldwide, racking up more than 96.84 million views.

In 2023, MARiA’s appearance on the Chinese variety show “Sisters Who Make Waves” captured 3.9 million views during her first performance, showing her expanding influence.

To celebrate their 12th anniversary, GARNiDELiA enetred the digital collectibles space by releasing exclusive POAPs on the Conflux blockchain in 2022. These tokens weren’t just for show; they offered tangible benefits like concert tickets, signed posters, and unique merchandise. POAP holders were also invited into an exclusive community for the latest news and even potential direct interactions with GARNiDELiA.

This initiative illustrates the blending of contemporary technology with creative expression, opening up new channels for GARNiDELiA to engage with their audience.


The MEI PROJECT by NFiT is a tribute to the legendary Peking and Kun Opera artist Mei Lanfang.

At the Shanghai Fashion Week, they celebrated Mei Lanfang’s 129th birthday by releasing a special line of sneakers. These sneakers are special not just for their unique design, which is inspired by “The Peony Pavilion” and features Song Dynasty elements, but also for the high-tech twist: an NFC chip in the shoelace.

Owners can tap their phone to this chip to unlock a digital version of the sneakers in the form of an NFT. Wearers can gather points by staying active, walking, or running. These points can then be used to get real products from NFiT’s online shop. Each product requires a different amount of points, giving users a reason to keep moving.

Physical products, NFTs, and NFC technology were combined to integrate Web3 with the real world, making a significant step in modern lifestyle and commerce. All the NFTs were minted on the Conflux Network.



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