Unveiling China’s NFT Landscape on Conflux — Part 5!

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5 min readNov 21, 2023


Utilizing NFTs in MOSSAI’s Metaverse, SHININGMETA, NFIT’s Sports Domain, and PLAY AI PINK’s Initiatives on Conflux.

Conflux Network is advancing in the world of Web3 and NFTs, presenting innovative projects within its ecosystem. This article highlights four exciting initiatives: MOSSAI’s Puhong Island metaverse, SHININGMETA’s basketball NFTs, NFIT’s sports-themed NFTs, and PLAY AI PINK’s blend of art and technology. Each project demonstrates how Conflux is bridging the gap between digital technology and real-world experiences, offering unique ways for users to engage with NFTs.

MOSSAI’s Puhong Island

MOSSAI’s Puhong Island is an amazing venture into the world of metaverse, offering an exhilarating motorcycle-themed experience inspired by the real-world Puhong Road in Dujiangyan, China.

This iconic road is famous for its dramatic vertical drops, has long been attractng motorcycle enthusiasts. The Dujiangyan government has collaborated with MOSSAI Metaverse to create the “Puhong Island Metaverse.”

Utilizing AI technology, the Puhong Island Metaverse replicated the terrain of Puhong Road, allowing users to control digital avatars and engage in virtual motorcycle rides. The plan is to create a comprehensive experience by collaborating with various brands, aiming to establish the world’s first motorcycle-themed metaverse. This project promises to integrate aspects of tourism, sports, commerce, and an interactive ecosystem, offering a diverse and engaging virtual world.

Adding to the excitement, the China Road Motorcycle Racing Team has teamed up with MOSSAI Metaverse to form the “China Road Motorcycle Metaverse Racing Team.” Within the MOSSAI Metaverse, developers are meticulously creating exact 1:1 replicas of the eight World Superbike Championship (WSBK) sub-race stations.


SHININGMETA, one of the partners in our ecosystem, holds official authorization from both the China Junior High School Basketball League (CJBL) and the Nike China Senior High School Basketball League (CHBL).

This official authorization has enabled SHININGMETA to launch a unique initiative: the CHBL All-Star NFTs. Users can collect these NFTs and engage in different online events, with opportunities to win prizes like sports backpacks, T-shirts, basketball shoes, and other customized gifts.

But SHININGMETA’s offerings extend beyond just NFT collection. It’s integration with MetaCellar, an innovative application that combines a personal wallet with a social platform, all deployed on the Conflux network, brings a significant advantage to users who own SHININGMETA’s NFT collections. They gain access to an exclusive group, creating a community space where users can connect, communicate, and share their interests with others who have similar passions.


NFIT, a leading digital sports brand in our Chinese ecosystem, recently offered football fans a unique way to celebrate their passion for the sport. In honor of the Qatar World Cup, NFIT introduced a special collection of 3D football shoe NFTs, limited to just 1000 pieces on our Conflux network. These NFTs, were a big hit among enthusiasts, selling out incredibly fast — just two days after their release.

The excitement didn’t end with the purchase of these NFTs. Holders were granted access to an exclusive community, a space where they could engage in discussions about their favorite football teams and players. This community aspect added an extra layer of engagement and excitement, connecting fans in a shared digital space.

NFIT has also made its mark as a thought leader in the digital sports domain. The brand participated as a guest speaker at the Web3 China Summit, an event we proudly hosted on October 19th.


PLAY AI PINK, during the 2023 Chinese New Year holiday, brought a unique experience to AI Plaza in Shanghai, welcoming visitors into a vibrant pink atmosphere.

Alongside this exhibition, they introduced a unique limited edition NFT named BERTILO2023, specially crafted for the New Year and minted on our Conflux network. This NFT features BERTILO, a charming, chubby Italian character known for his love of pizza, humor, and enjoying the sun.

This event showed a creative blend of intellectual property, physical exhibitions, and digital NFTs, offering an innovative approach to art appreciation. Through this Conflux demonstrated its commitment to merging offline events with Web3 technology, contributing to the evolving landscape of Chinese Web3 solutions. This combination of real-world exhibitions and digital art forms signifies a new era in how people interact with and enjoy art.



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