Unveiling China’s NFT Landscape on Conflux — Part 7!

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5 min readJan 23, 2024

Exploring Diverse NFT Ventures: SAIL HIGH, JTeam, NFiT, and Ford Mustang on Conflux.

We continue our journey in the NFT and Web3 space with Part 7 of our series. In this edition, we explore how the “SAIL HIGH” tour’s unique NFT experience, JTeam’s esports NFTs, NFiT’s fusion of fitness and digital collectibles, and the Ford Mustang’s entry into the metaverse. Each initiative shows our commitment to merging digital innovation with real-world engagement.


The “SAIL HIGH” hip-hop China tour, a hot trend in the rap scene, recently lit up Shanghai’s Jing’an Sports Center. Bringing together the worlds of NFTs and the Fan Economy, the event showcased unforgettable performances from Chinese rap sensations Li Jialong, Wang Yitai, and PACT, who together command over 10 million fans on Weibo.

The hype around the “SAIL HIGH” tour doesn’t end with the live performances. It extends into the digital world with the release of exclusive “SAIL HIGH” commemorative blind box NFTs, minted on our Conflux network. Fans have the opportunity to claim a piece of this memorable event by redeeming their concert tickets for these NFTs. Not only do they get a unique digital collectible, but they also receive an exclusive signed photo from the stars, plus a chance to win premium Chinese spirits.

This fusion of fan engagement and NFT technology opens up a world of possibilities. With a large and passionate user base, the potential for NFTs in the fan community is just beginning to be explored. The “SAIL HIGH” tour is a prime example of this exciting new frontier, as we continue to delve into the myriad opportunities NFTs present to the fan community.


JTeam, the dynamic powerhouse esports team from Taiwan, led by the CEO JayChow. Having already established their mark in the world of gaming, particularly in titles like #LeagueofLegends and #GameforPeace, JTeam is now exploring the new and exciting ventures with our eco-project MINTS, a pioneering NFT platform on Web3 in China.

JTeam has rolled out an NFT collection of blind boxes, each containing a unique treasure: personally signed digital uniforms from five Game for Peace squad members. But there’s more to these NFTs. These digitally signed uniforms are not just for show! They are wearable as virtual items in the metaverse.

This feature allows fans to experience the excitement of wearing esports pro-signed gear in a digital universe, adding a new dimension to the concept of gaming.


As we step into 2024, let’s take a moment to look back at the excitement of the 2023 #NewYear celebration with our eco-project NFiT. The event, titled Collect Five ‘福’, was a celebration of happiness, reflecting the core values of Chinese culture.

During this festive period, NFiT offered a unique and engaging experience where users could score points through their digital sneakers by engaging in physical activities like running or walking. The holiday season became even more exciting as users had the opportunity to collect blessing bags or trade them for five different “福” characters. Completing a set of these characters rewarded participants with a special-edition digital sneaker.

But these sneakers were more than just items for the #metaverse. Users had the unique opportunity to trade their digital sneakers for real shoes on the NFiT website, adding a tangible dimension to these digital collectibles. All of these innovative collectibles were minted on our Conflux Network, blending the physical and digital worlds in a unique and engaging way.

Ford Mustang

Since making its iconic debut in 1964, the Ford Mustang has been a symbol of automotive excellence for nearly six decades. In 2022, this legendary car made a groundbreaking entrance into the metaverse, introducing an NFT-based drivers club that redefines the Mustang ownership experience.

The Meta Driver Club, a #]Web3 community designed exclusively for Mustang owners, created a unique series of 5000 distinct 3D racing avatars for its members. This airdrop came with a range of exciting perks: exclusive city tours, the opportunity for priority purchases of limited edition models, and special car privileges.

Additionally, Mustang revealed the “Drifting in the Metaverse City” NFT Collection on Conflux, tailor-made for its community members. This launch is a significant step in blending the legacy of the Ford Mustang with the cutting-edge realm of NFTs and the metaverse, offering a new, immersive experience for Mustang fans around the world.



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